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Refine your vocal technique—gain an understanding of what specific things you can do to enrich your sound.

Improve your vocal stamina—strengthen your voice and feel confident in your ability. Sing for shows and speak for a crowd without getting vocally exhausted.

Build your stage presence—foster the confidence to sing and act for an audience, or nail your next work presentation.

What kind of lessons are you looking for?

    If you’re a hobbyist, professional singer, or anyone in between, our instructors are ready to help. Here you’ll find more information about our teachers, and be able to schedule a lesson.
  • General Singing Lessons
  • Our teachers offer lessons to children ages 9 and up. Click the link below to find out more information about our teachers, and book a lesson.
  • Lessons For My Child
  • Are you wanting to learn more about songwriting? We offer classes and workshops on songwriting year-round! Check out our class offerings, or book a lesson with Charity or Emily for one-on-one song coaching.
  • Singer / Songwriter
  • Our teachers are experienced in musical theatre genres. Whether you’re wanting to learn to belt, getting ready for an audition, or have a child who would like to take a musical theatre class, we’re here to help!
  • Musical Theatre


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